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So many times through my life, I’ve had others slander, accuse, misunderstand, and even misrepresent me… and these ‘character slaughter’ actions are so hard to overlook, so hard to get over, and especially very hard to refrain applying my own vengeful version of retaliation in return! But, many years ago, the Lord quickened my heart […]

“I can do it myself”, “No, I don’t need your help”, or even “I got this” are statements of independence, self-fulfillment, and even just stubbornness. Sure, we must be able to do things for ourselves and having a healthy measure of ‘take care of yourself’ is a natural part of many of our lives. There […]

Too many times, I’ve heard, ‘God helps those that help themselves’, and that is such a deep, deep lie! It’s actually a half-truth, more than a lie; He does help those… but, not those that are already helping themselves, or able to help themselves. Our devotional today is a gentle reminder… OK, maybe not ‘so’ […]

Many times through the course of my life, I have done ‘new things’ that become such a deeper part of my life. Bit, they actually lose that initial ‘glimmer’ or excitement I had at the outset, be it; a new vehicle, some new clothes, a different job, a new residence… they each have their own […]

So much of our lives seems overwhelmed with a need or want for acceptance, approval, and maybe just simple assurance that who we are, how we do what we do, and the ways we’ve applied our lives in this world is pleasing to God. Sure, there are many who don’t (or claim to not) believe […]

Have you ever tried to be sad, somber, or depressed when good things are happening, or when celebration is in the air, or when your day is perking along fine-n-dandy? No! Who would, right? Sure, when ‘all is well’, being happy, excited, and finding joy in the moment is second nature; something of a normal […]

Walking along in an open-market is one of the keen ways you can find deals, rummage through the variety of wares the pedlars have brought, and generally ‘get out’ and mingle with people. One of the core things I dislike about them is the pushy, chanting ‘pressure’ from some of the pedlars themselves… taunting you […]

Oh, He knows right where you are… He’s God, after-all. But, as when Adam & Eve hid from Him, even as He entered the garden on that fateful day… He still called out, “Adam, where are you?” Genesis 3:8-10 tells us; And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the […]

For many years, I wondered why Jesus would tell some of those whom He’d healed NOT to say a word to anyone about it… to keep it a secret… to just be hush-hush about it and go on about their lives. Here are several incidents; Matthew 16:20 Then charged he his disciples that they should […]