Sure, we’re usually advised to pay attention, focus, and not be distracted when we’re on a path, whether we are driving, cycling, or jogging. Practically, we do need to focus and minimize distractions, sure. Today’s devotional, however, is going to encourage you to actually be distracted by the Lord’s path, the Lord’s plan of your […]

What? Bearings as in Ball Bearings? No, those are rarely worn, if ever. But Bearings as in ‘directions’, or ‘route’, even a ‘destination point’… those bearings. Now, wearing them may seem odd, but you know me… I’m aiming to show you not only why, but how. Today’s devotional is actually close to the Wandering You one in-that […]

Walking or traveling along a straight line or path is the shortest and most efficient means to travel from Point A to Point B. That’s all well and good as long as you are not inside a house or building (trying to get from the kitchen to the bathroom, say), or not in Manhattan (trying […]